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    7650 Bluetooth point to point problems

    While coding a bluetooth project of my own, I came upon by a weird problem in the Bluetooth Point To Point example (.../Series60Ex/BtPointToPoint/). It seems that the client doesn't close all the stuff related with BT when disconnecting. Here's the case you can try to illustrate the problem:

    1. Start a server.
    2. Start the client and connect from other phone.
    3. <Exchange data>
    4. Close client -> Server says: Disconnected.
    5. Restart client and connect (pretty quickly, max about 10secs)

    -> something like "Error: Max. number of bluetooth connections in use".

    The problem seems to be the ServiceSearcher, since it fails in this case.

    Has anyone a solution to this? I'd need the client to close quickly, and possibly reconnect (to the same or other target) immediately (request could come from UI e.g.). Now I always get the complaint about too much connections unless I make the user wait for about 10 seconds.

    - Tero

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    RE: 7650 Bluetooth point to point problems

    This is not specific for PointToPoint example but it is a feature in Symbian OS Bluetooth implementation. You can verify it by sending an image and shortly after that trying to send another image. The same dialog appears. Closing a Bluetooth link simply takes a couple of seconds, not necessarily ten seconds but ~3 seconds.

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