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    How do i Recieve SIP Invite

    Hello All,
    Can anyone please direct me towards how to receive a SIP invitation. What are the steps that i have to Follow

    So far i have done the following things.
    1.>1.>Created a class which Derives from MSIPObserver and MSIPConnectionObserver

    2.> have overridden all the methods that are present in the these interfaces and each method contains a message box which will be displayed if anything come to them.(as far as i think)

    3.> Created the following register Method which registers to my Local 'Asterisk' server.
    	TUint iapoint=SelectIAPL();
    	iSIP=CSIP::NewL(KAppUid, *this);
    	iConnection=CSIPConnection::NewL(*iSIP, iapoint, *this);
    	CSIPFromHeader* fromHead = CSIPFromHeader::DecodeL(_L8("sip:3000@"));
    	CSIPToHeader* aor=CSIPToHeader::DecodeL(_L8("sip:3000@"));
    	CSIPAddress* addr=CSIPAddress::DecodeL(_L8("sip:3000@"));
    	CSIPContactHeader* contact=CSIPContactHeader::NewL(addr);
    	CSIPRefresh* refresh=CSIPRefresh::NewLC();
    	iRegistration=CSIPRegistrationBinding::NewL(*iConnection, aor, contact,refresh);
    	CleanupStack::Pop(3); //aor,contact,refresh 
    Now, I am running a SIP phone (X-LITE) which is registered with the same server. And i am sending a Invite to my Emulator. But i am not able to receive anything.

    Also,I am not too sure weather or not i understand SIPResolverPlugin and how is it used . Is is really important to include it in the program.

    many thanks
    Abhishek karmakar

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    Re: How do i Recieve SIP Invite


    SIP Resolver plugin plays a vital roll in SIP IM and VOIP.
    The incoming requests / responses are routed to your application with the resolver plugin.

    Best way to start with resolver plugin is sip example provided with s60 3rd ed sdk.

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