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    conversion to ring tone

    Does anybody know how to convert an audio file (wav) is a ring-tone?

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    RE: conversion to ring tone

    Dear developer,

    It's depending what kind of ringtones you are creating. Depending of Nokia-phone models, final format might be: wav-file, polyphonic MIDI-file or monotonic ringtone.

    WAV to WAV
    - Mobile phones like Nokia 9210 Communicator can use wav-formatted audio files as ringtones.
    - Wav file have to be in right format (can be converted using for example Goldwave) and not very long. Forum Nokia www-pages can provide also convertion tool from wav to wav.

    WAV to SP-MIDI
    - Converting wav-files to midi-files are more or less "quick and dirty" conversions, which doesn't sound very good. For example www.hitsquad.com provides over 4.000 audio programs, and there are also wav to midi converters, but I haven't found not a single one, which can make convertion, which would please me.

    - This is even harder than creating sp-midis. This has to done with two process: First convert wav to midi and then midi to ota-ringtone (mono). There are lots of data missed during conversion, so you have to "repare" ringtone with some composer.

    I have noticed, that best way to keep rintone is MIDI-format. There you can convert it to preview files (wav) or what ever ringtone format. Converting wav-files to ringtones needs always repairing after conversion.



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