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    Forward lock on polyphonic ringtones

    How do you configure a forward lock on an SP-MIDI polyphonic ringtone ? It's simple on an SMAF tone because it's part of the protocol, but the MIDI protocol has no such features.
    Mobile phone manufacturers all put forward locks on their own polytones, so it is possible. Is it a matter of changing the attribute of the file or is it more complex ? I would certainly appreciate some info on this.

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    RE: Forward lock on polyphonic ringtones


    At the moment (SP-)MIDI tones are considered as protected content in Nokia terminals. You don't have to do any special tricks to make it protected, terminals handle that part. (SP-)MIDI tones cannot be forwarded from Nokia phone in any way, those are even not a part of the backups.

    Upcoming Nokia phones will follow OMA DRM standard. You can find more about it from www.openmobilealliance.org and from Forum Nokia -> content distribution.

    From this section you can find which terminals will support OMA DRM in the first phase. Use search.

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