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    IrDA communication with the emulator

    I have a lot of problem setting up a IR com with the emulator and I would like to know if anyone knows how to fill the "irda_wins.esk" file. (I have a Extended System 9680 IR dongle and even if I read somewhere that it is supported I don't know how to declare it !).

    Hope someone can help !

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    RE: IrDA communication with the emulator


    protocols= irmux,tinytp

    filename= irda.prt
    index= 1

    filename= irda.prt
    index= 2
    irPod= jeteye7401
    irBaud= 115200
    irPhysicalComPort= 1
    irLinkDisconnectTime= 20
    irSupportedBauds= 319
    irWindowSize= 1

    if you have a different protocol, please add it to the protocols section and add the properties for the same as per above example.



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