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    connect my nokia 3310 to a pc using MA cable

    I have wrote an application and now i need to allow it to send and recieve sms messages. I have connected my Nokia 3310 to the com1 port of my computer using a MA cable. It seems be connected fine but i when i try to send a message i get the response "The device on port COM1 is not usable. Possibly it does not support AT+C commands."
    Could any tell whether or not the nokia 3310 is capable of supporting AT commands and if not is there a way I can make it support these commands?
    Please somebody help this is driving me nuts!!

    A frustrated Irish man!

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    RE: connect my nokia 3310 to a pc using MA cable


    Nokia 3310 is not data enabled phone. Nokia does not provide any cables or software to communicate with the phone. You end up destroying your phone with such a cable. Please use some 6000-serie phone with Nokia accessory cables.

    Teemu / Forum Nokia

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