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Thread: Mic capture

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    Mic capture

    i have to admit that i'm just a beginner with Symbian OS development (however quite experienced with MFC and QT APIs), just installed all tools and written my first console application. My goal is to write an application for guitar tuning, which should
    1. capture the tone with the MIC (needn't to be realtime, also a short snapshot of 1 second is ok)
    2. doing some analysis on this stream/file (FFT...)
    3. showing the mistuning error graphically (with arrows or an analog pointer device)

    Before diving deeper and deeper into all the APIs, can anybody confirm me that is possible? I'am sure, that steps 2 and 3 can be performed but how about step 1? I am grateful for all hints and also of course for sample code! Thanks in advance!

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    Re: Mic capture

    I would say it is possible to do all those things. There are some examples on how to record audio (to a file or streaming). Check this out:


    There is also free sample codes from "Quick Recipes on Symbian OS" book.


    Download Multimedia section.

    Displaying graphics with arrows should be doable as well. The "Quick Recipes" link above also has free sample codes for 2D graphics handling.

    Good luck!
    Antony Pranata

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    Re: Mic capture

    Hi Antony,
    thank you very much - this was a very good assistance!!!
    Greeting from Munich

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