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    S60Tools\Wlanasdclient - DUT Start FAILED


    I included the Wlanasdclient in the s60 image and tried to run wlanasdclient from Menu->Installed. When I do options->START DUT, I get a message on the phone screen that DUT Start Failed. I tried to induce some prints and captured the following log. Can somebody point out what could be the reason Start DUT is failing.
    Dut Start
    CDUTSession::ServiceL ---> a service requested
    Dut-Link -> Start Receiving
    CDutLink::StartReceiving->Calling iPort->Cancel()
    CDutLink::StartReceiving->Out of iPort->Cancel()
    CDutLink::StartReceiving->Calling iPort->OpenL()
    CDutLink::StartReceiving-> Calling iPort->Read()
    CDutLink::StartReceiving-> ...Normal Return...
    Remove AP!
    > CAcdc:elayedStopAudioCodec()

    Seen on S60 3.2, Symbian 9.3.

    Thanks and best regards,
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