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Thread: Open C++ plugin

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    Open C++ plugin


    I am using some APIs like RFile, RFs. I am not sure that these are general symbian APIs or I will have to install open C++ plug in to run these APIs

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    Re: Open C++ plugin

    RFile and RFs are the major parts of File handling in Symbian C++..

    You may check the SDK for the presence of APIs...

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    Re: Open C++ plugin

    If an API is present in the SDK without you having to install aditional files from all kind of plugins then that API is safe to use.

    You can add aditional compatible APIs (thus headers and libraries) to an SDK but in order to use them you will have to understand whether any aditional SIS file has to be installed on the device (usualy that sis file comes with the API plug-in)
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