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    Online and Offline images in J2ME

    How do i load two different images to indicate online and offline contacts using presence info from a server in instant messaging.

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    Which technology you are working with..
    Anyways you can have two images both differ in contrast and brightness draw one when online and other once off line....

    Hope this makes a sense.
    Thanks with Regards,

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    Re: Online and Offline images in J2ME

    Can U explain the complete thing.Like What ur trying to do and which concept ur using and what logic ur putting
    Anshu Chauhan
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    Re: Online and Offline images in J2ME

    What Raj means is that Are u using J2ME ?

    As for images, What is the use case ?
    Are the images to be downloaded or are the images static like some smileys?
    If they are static then u can package the images alongwith other resources. If u have to download then u will have to have a server to client communication setup that returns the image byte array according to some unique id.
    Thanks and Regrads

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