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    N85 DeviceId issue in pkg file

    HI all ,
    I have a pkg file that installs my application with support for a defined list of devices.
    The lines in the pkg files defining the devices are the one below:

    [0x2000249C], 0, 0, 0, {"Nokia E66 ID"}
    [0x2000249B], 0, 0, 0, {"Nokia E71 ID"}
    [0x20002D84], 0, 0, 0, {"Nokia N958G ID"}
    [0x20002D86], 0, 0, 0, {"Nokia N85 ID"}
    [0x20002D82], 0, 0, 0, {"Nokia N96 ID"}

    When I install the application on the N85 the installer pops up the warning "Application not compatible with phone. Continue anyway?". This message is never shown on any of the other listed devices. This issue happen both on my own N85 and on RDA.
    The device ID for the N85 is the one defined at http://www.forum.nokia.com/devices/N85

    Just for testing I tried replacing the N85 ID line with the [0x102752AE] S60 3rd Edition, FP2,doing this the warning is not shown.
    Does anybody has any idea on this ?

    Thanks very much !

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    Re: N85 DeviceId issue in pkg file

    This is a known issue and will be fixed before the phone is shipping.

    [0x102752AE] works but it will set your application compatible with all phones based on that platform which is probably not what you need. What also works and may be the solution you need is the MachineUID which can also be queried in the pkg script.
    -- Lucian

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    Re: N85 DeviceId issue in pkg file

    Thanks for your fast reply,
    I'll wait then for the issue to be fixed .

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