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    developing a compass application

    Helo. i need some help about location classes(i use J2ME). i want to develop a gps compass application. when i connected to gps, orientation is shown on a compass.(for example if i go to northeast direction, compass indicator shows the direction between nort and east).
    I made connecting GPS. Now i must draw a compass and show the direction informations on it. For doing this, which location classes i can use?

    (i do search about this,but i didn't decide which class i should use. I thought that i can use Orientation class for this. I found a source code and tried it. According to this snippet source code about orientation class, my phone doesn't support Orientation class.But i found an application about gps compass, it works on phone. )
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    Re: developing a compass application

    Note, that not all phones support the orientation class

    What phone are you using?


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