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    config file with sis

    Hi All,

    I want to configure an application based on a configuration file..but i have a doubt about how to install the sis file that takes the input parameters from config file.


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    Re: config file with sis


    to understand it - you want to have separate sis installation file with the configuration?

    It is possible - sis configuration file can be self-signed, the limitation is that the configuration file must be in some public folder, e.g. c:\System\Data, so in your pkg will be something like:
    "file.conf" - "!:\system\data\file.conf"


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    Re: config file with sis

    The config file does not need to be in a public folder, it can be in
    \private\<your application uid>\import.

    Obviously your application should still check for spoofing as the data file could have been tampered with by altering it before the config sis file was built and installed.
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