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    Bluetooth device discovery info

    Hi everyone,

    I need to get bluetooth device visibility(discovery) state like "Show to all" or "hidden" for 2nd edition devices and device name.

    please help me.

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    Re: Bluetooth device discovery info

    From 2nd ed. SDK help "Developer Library » Symbian OS Guide » C++ API guide » Bluetooth » Using Bluetooth Sockets » How to get and set the local device name"

    How to get and set the local device name
    Each Blutetooth device has a name for identifying the device to users etc. The local device name is read and set through the RHostResolver functions GetHostName() and SetHostName() respectively.

    The following code shows how to get the local name:
    // 1. Connect to the socket server
    RSocketServ socketServ;
    TProtocolDesc pInfo;
    _LIT(KL2Cap, "L2CAP");
    // 2. Create and initialise an RHostResolver
    RHostResolver hr;
    // 3. Get the local device name
    THostName name;
    TInt ret=hr.GetHostName(name);
    THostName is a descriptor buffer of a suitable minimum size.

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