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    Signed midlet and forward-lock


    I have Thawte signed midlet, which installs fine. But when I try
    to make it also forward-locked, it fails. I used NMIT4.1 to
    create .dm file from my .jar and then used that as jar file
    for JadTool to create jarSignature.

    I found some threads where people talk about forward-locked
    application signing with JavaVerified, but nothing really
    for signing with certificate.

    How this is supposed to be done, or is this possible at all?

    Kind regards,

    Ismo Laitinen

    ps. Artificial intelligence of this BB gave some threads which
    it thought was close to this, and there was one discussion where
    similar problem was occuring for N95. Since this is same phone
    I'm using, it might be same probleemo, but no good answers were
    given, so please give your input if you know whats is going on
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    Re: Signed midlet and forward-lock

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