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    UPnP & DLNA support

    Hi All,
    Have tried to figure out what's supported by a N95 or N96 - but can't find it anywhere.
    Only the N95 is on the DLNA list and it seems to be a DMS device only?
    Does that mean that it can't act as a control point (CP) or DMR? Is upload/download functionality supported?
    Is it possible to find a technical doc explaining the UPnP implementation on a Nokia phone (sort of function list)?
    And last, is there any work going on in a working group or perhaps by a 3-party group adding DLNA app to the phone?

    Thank you very much...
    BR. Morten Bjerre

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    Question Re: UPnP & DLNA support

    Good questions.
    Doesn’t Nokia’s support answer?
    I’m locking for a mobile that is M-DMP.

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    Re: UPnP & DLNA support

    Hmmm... first a disclaimer: I am not expert on UPnP and DLNA.

    I briefly browsed the DLNA website and looked the internal product specification for N96

    The Nokia N96 is both Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) and DLNA Certified (Digital Living Network Alliance).

    UPnP enables connection to compatible household media devices over WLAN. Users can share photos, music and video with their friends and families and also store their media to a media server or retrieve media files from a compatible home server. Users can play music stored in the Nokia N96 using the DLNA Certified home stereo system, controlling the playlists and volume levels directly from the Nokia N96. They can also view photos taken using the camera of the Nokia N96 on the compatible TV screen, all controlled with the Nokia N96 over WLAN UPnP. Legacy TVs and stereo systems can be made compatible with a DLNA Certified digital media renderer or by connecting them through a PC that runs media renderer software. This software is supplied with Nokia inbox DVD and as a separate download from Nokia at http://www.nseries.com/connectedhome.

    NOTE: Media server and media renderer functionalities are both included in the above mentioned software that is provided by Nokia

    The DLNA is a body advocating the interoperability of wired and wireless consumer devices, focusing on developing application level interoperability. DLNA certification ensures convenient and intuitive connectivity between DLNA Certified home electronics devices, personal computers, and the Nokia N96. DLNA has certified the Nokia N96 as a Mobile Digital Media Server.

    UPnP configuration is managed in the Tools -> Connectivity folder, under "Home media" icon. The home media options only become visible in the Photos after UPnP settings have been successfully completed. UPnP provides an automated IP network configuration, device discovery and service discovery functionalities.
    Does this help?


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    Re: UPnP & DLNA support

    Hi morten,

    If you share content (image/video and/or audio) in the Home Media the application definies as DMS otherwise CP. However, the DMS does not support upload. Tested on my Nokia N82 (54.01).

    Download the very nice Intel UPnP sniffer/tools to see what happens when you are connected.

    If you would like to test a 3:rd party j2me UPnP/DLNA application, try the deviceCAP.com.

    BR. magnus513

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