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    [Moved] Nokia 8800 Sirroco, won't load up...

    Hi, I've got the Nokia 8800 Sirroco (2006/7 I think it came out). On Friday it froze. I switched it off by taking the battery out and now every time I switch it on the software wont load up. I get the welcome message, I can type in my pin code and then it says 'pin accepted'. From here I just get a blank screen, the phone is on, the screen light appears but thats it, no software.

    My SIM works in another phone so it cant be that. There is a shop in the town I live, Chester, that services Nokia phones. I have a feeling they will want to reload the software ie. I will lose all numbers, pictures, videos saved to the phone. Now before I do that does anybody know if I am truly screwed? Can I salvage the data at all. I work in systems in my job and I know if a similar thing happens on your average computer then there are ways to save info AND fix the problem. Also, is there anything I can do to get the phone to work, anybody have any special tricks that might kick into life? Many thanks.


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    Re: Nokia 8800 Sirroco, won't load up...


    I got this from the end user product discussion board http://discussions.europe.nokia.com it is not Nokia's answer.

    "revert to factory default settings". Note that this will not erase any data of yours, it'll just reset the phone's settings to their factory defaults (thenes, ringtones etc.). From the standby screen, enter *#7780#. If you are prompted for a lock code, that'll be the default 12345 as on all Nokia phones unless you've changed it.


    You probably should ask your questions there from now on and not here in the Developer's discussion forum.

    Good luck


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