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    How to count how many SMS actually sent using CSmsClientMtm ?

    Hi all,

    We want to know if there is any way to count how many SMS are actually sent in a long SMS message?

    We used CSmsClientMtm to send SMS. Each SMS should be able to contain 160 characters or 70 UTF8 characters.

    We are using this setting for all messages:

    serviceSettings.SetCharacterSet(TSmsDataCodingScheme::ESmsAlphabetUCS2) ;

    But it seems using our function some messages will send out two messages if there are more than 70 characters. While using the default SMS writer will only send one out.

    But we can’t find any Symbian API to check how many SMSs are actually sent. Is there such API so we can debug easily?



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    Re: How to count how many SMS actually sent using CSmsClientMtm ?

    you can check the following example.
    through the following code,you can get the number of sent SMS

    TMsvSelectionOrdering sort;
    sort.SetShowInvisibleEntries(ETrue); // we want to handle also the invisible entries

    CMsvEntry* inboxContext=CMsvEntry::NewL(*iSession,KMsvGlobalInBoxIndexEntryId,sort);

    CMsvEntrySelection* entries = inboxContext->ChildrenL();
    CleanupStack::PushL( entries );

    TInt msgCount= entries->Count();..

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    Re: How to count how many SMS actually sent using CSmsClientMtm ?

    Thanks for the reply.

    But it seems this code only counts how many messages in a particular folder?

    What I need to know is when I send a long SMS, how many SMS is actually sent from the phone. Like a single long SMS with 200 characters will be broken down to 2 SMS when sending out. I need to somehow check exactly how many SMS are billed by the operator...



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    Re: How to count how many SMS actually sent using CSmsClientMtm ?

    KMsvSentEntryId and ChildrenWithMtmL (with KUidMsgTypeSMS) might be a better choice if you are interested about the number of Sent SMS-s. However the whole concept has a problem: there is a setting "Number of saved messages" in Messaging application (Settings/Other), which controls the number of messages in the Sent folder, and it is not that large by default.
    In particular you can experiment with CSmsPDU::TextConcatenated/NumConcatenatedMessagePDUs (you can get the PDU via the CSmsClientMtm).

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