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    Open signing online failed

    Hi all,
    I am facing a problem since yesterday (10th Nov 2008) in open signed online. Whenever i am trying to sign any application, it gets uploaded properly and confirmation mail also comes. When i confirm the request, i get a mail stating

    Your application (GPSTest_S60_3_X_v_1_0_0.sis) signing has failed. This may be because it has been flagged as a potential virus by our scanning or because the format of your sis file is incorrect or corrupt. Please try re-building your .sis file and re-submitting.

    I tried with some of my old unsigned sis files (which i had got opened signed previously). There also i am facing the same problem. I want to know what is the reason for this and how to solve it.

    thanks and regards,

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    Re: Open signing online failed

    You should ask Symbian Signed, they are the only one that might check what happens there. Look for a "Support" link on their pages.
    -- Lucian

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    Re: Open signing online failed


    check those DiBos:

    http://developer.symbian.com/forum/f...spa?forumID=54 or

    Those are best forums to solve signing problems. Anyway the on-line open signing is slow and painfull way for developers. I highly advice you to obtain the TC Trust ID and to be able to use offline signing - even if it costs 200$ USD per year it's worth to pay.


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