I've had a read through the postings on this site and I don't think this topic has been discussed.

My question is a bit complex, but it's regarding a limitation i see with the xhtml mobile profile specs. We are beginning to port our wml and pda code to xhtml, but have hit a major obstacle.

The scenario is as follows:

-You have a form on one page (e.g. Send MMS). As we are using the cocoon framework, this correlates to one xsp page.

-There is another page (e.g. multimedialibrary) into which this page needs to link. This is a separate xsp page, but the form data needs to be passed onto this page.

-To handle this with html, you can use two input submit's - one to post the data to the current page (e.g. Send the MMS), another to link to the separate application (e.g. Add Image).

-You can put an onclick of the submit to change the action of the form, therefore if you click the 'Add Image', it changes the action of the form to the Multimedialibrary (where they pick an image).

-IMHO, I've always felt this has been a design flaw, because I feel the input submit should have the action, because the form data may need to get send to do different pages as is the case in this scenario.

-With wml, the fields are variables, so you can reference this data via the variable name. an acceptable way to handle this.

-According to my interpretation of the mobile profile specs, they have removed both local variables and the onchange, onclick, etc. elements. We've tried to use them and they fail as invalid attributes as well.

-According to the WML to xhtml migration doc, it states that this will need to be handled on the application server. I assume this means we should use sessions to handle this.?.

I don't feel we should be forced to use http sessions, and this doesn't work in our environment. In addition, non-java environments might not have a solution.

Does anyone have a recommendation as to how we should handle this problem? I thought of getting the request to the initial page (e.g. send MMS, capturing the form data, and redirecting to the multimedia library with the form data. However, I can't seem to do a redirect and pass along data.

Any input on this will be greatly appreciated bc at the moment we are planning to redesign the whole flow of our applications which is quite burdensome.

thanks in advance,