I have an app which is available in English, Swedish and Finnish. When installing the app on a phone that has one of these languages selected, the app correctly starts in that language. However, if I change the phone language to, say, Danish, and try installing the app, the installer allows me to choose a language during installation. Regardless of what I choose the app starts up in English until I switch the phone language back to one of the supported languages. Any idea what might be wrong? What if a danish person wants to use the app in Swedish?

My rls file:

#ifdef LANGUAGE_01   // Englanti
#include "OpteamPocket.l01"

#elif defined LANGUAGE_06   // Ruotsi
#include "OpteamPocket.l06"
#elif defined LANGUAGE_09   // Suomi
#include "OpteamPocket.l09"

MMP lang row:

LANG 01 06 09
PKG lang row: