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    Smile [split] Qt toolchain

    Can anyone explain what the "configure" exe does when QT is setup for a platform. For e.g. to setup QT for S60, one needs to run the command:
    configure -platform win32-mwc -xplatform symbian-abld -qconfig symbian

    It looks like the configure executable is building QT toolchain (qmake, moc etc.) for the s60 platform.

    If anyone has more information on this, please reply.

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    Re: Qt

    There are some Qt support forums and lists you may want to ask this question at one of them


    There has been discussion of a Qt forum here but I think that is a bit premature.


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    Re: [split] Qt toolchain


    Can we have one QT on S60 platform forum ?

    I am agree that it is early to demand but i feel everybody getting excited for Qt on S60.
    Thanks & Regards,


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    Re: [split] Qt toolchain


    I think a forum for Qt on S60 would be good too. Even though it's only in technology preview stage right now it's not exactly likely that Nokia are going to change their mind and not release it at all. Judging by the number of Nokia engineers posting queries on the official list (note this is probably the best list to use until we do have a forum) qts60-feedback@trolltech.com, it looks like the whole of Nokia's application software effort is moving to Qt (in line with the stated strategy at the time of the Trolltech acquisition).

    IMHO, anyone starting an application development on S60 now should be seriously considering whether to use Qt. As such it doesn't seem so premature to have a forum now.


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    Re: [split] Qt toolchain

    Thanks guys,
    your feedback was taken and now we have the forum!

    What it comes to Qt it will be an interesting option for developing on S60 but let's remember that it will not offer all the use cases that Symbian C++ offers!

    In addition there has been discussions that will Qt replace Symbian C++ , the answer is no. F.ex Qt on S60 is built with Symbian C++ so we will have both in the development portfolio!


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