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    Nokia Activ Server 2.0 with NMIT 3.0

    Hi, I have installed NMIT 3.0 which comes with Nokia Activ Server 2.0. I am unable to start up the Wap Server. The server component startup was unsuccessful. Please assist.

    Also, do I need to register the Wap Server which comes free with the NMIT 3.0? And how to?

    Thank you much.


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    RE: Nokia Activ Server 2.0 with NMIT 3.0


    If you just want to use Nokia Mobile Internet Toolkit (3.1 the latest version), you don't have to start the server, just start the NMIT 3.1. The server simulator will be started automatically. If you want to use the Activ Server, please download a trial version from Forum Nokia web site.

    sannah/Forum Nokia Developer Support

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