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    S60 & Custom UI Components

    Hi there,

    I need to develop a complex UI for a midlet application:

    The client screen needs to be split in two horizontally, with two 'views' stacked one above the other. The bottom view is to contain a list of scrollable items with the active item highlighted. The top view will contain an image which
    relates the active item in the bottom view. This is to be placed on a tab and should allow for pop-ups. Soft transitions between tabs and active items would be a bonus.

    The application is iamed at the Nokia N96 (S60 3rd Ed. FP2, Symbian 9.3).

    Any suggestions on how to resolve the challenge, and whether or not using the standard J2ME stock of UI components could do the trick.


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    Re: S60 & Custom UI Components

    Definitely standard MIDP high-level LCDUI does not work in here. (unfortunately that is my only real answer in this post :-(

    On N96 you have also eSWT available
    That could potentially help...

    If not, then you should review the available Java ME UI frameworks


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    Re: S60 & Custom UI Components

    hello sir did you solve this problem you posted.currently i am facing a same issue.
    i want append custom item in the top of display and string item in next half.
    the custom item contains no of rectangles.
    it's working for any no of rectangles in some mobiles like n95,n70 etc..but not working in in n96 and some other for 40 seats.
    if i am giving lesser no of rectangle it's working fine in n96.

    i can't able to fix this issue, if you have any idea about this please let me know

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