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    Getting keyPressed() events from E71 Qwerty

    I need to be able to detect keys pressed on the Qwerty keyboard of the E71 from a Java pp, but currently only number keys show up. Any tips?

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    Re: Getting keyPressed() events from E71 Qwerty

    U Can Easily do this by getKeyName Method and put keycode inside it..........

    u can use this method

    protected void keyPressed(int keyCode)
    keyText = getKeyName(keyCode);
    Anshu Chauhan
    J2me Developer

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    Follow like this,
    @ First check that on every keypressed the control is coming in keyPressed(int keyCode){} or not..If you are pressing any key then control must be in the same method..you can check by putting a println() statement..

    @ Are you working Canvas or GameCanvas..
    In either of the case you can read the java docs in order to have the clear view.
    Thanks with Regards,

    R a j - The K e r n e l

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