Hi All,

I am more inclined to Java (J2SE) and that's why i was considering J2ME as option for Mobile Application. But some of problems i faced. I didn't felt good about these problems in J2ME. I know J2ME is subset of J2SE and has memory constraints. But C++ is has more market as compared to J2ME and I was able to find some problems with J2ME especially with respect to VoIP on Mobile phone. Following are the Issues

1. I thought of reusing the C++ Code. But direct JNI is not supported in J2ME . I got another solution MIDlet native services framework, which makes use of socket connection to call C++ from J2ME. But here we would need two socket communications, one from J2ME to C++ and another from C++ to J2ME. This could be a overhead for performance. Any other options for this?

2. We thought of considering using J2ME only (without C++) for VoIP. J2ME Supports SIP. But another setback, RTP is not supported in J2ME . I am wandering SUN can do this. Now here one solution is to write own RTP (one solution given on IEEE website). And one more solution is using callback technique similar to FlyVoIP. Anybody have used this? How this will work? How J2ME will handle voice in this case? Will J2ME just do the connection and actual voice will be transported using some thing else? As J2ME does not support real time voice communication. Any other ways to achieve this? or should I go for C++?

Please provide inputs from your side.