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Thread: App Deleting

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    App Deleting


    I am facing prob.... my app gets deleted after server response....

    Any idea about , under what conditions app manager deletes the app from device.....

    the device which i am using is NOKIA 2626..


    Waiting for Reply.......
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    Re: App Deleting

    Hi ,
    As of my knowledge there is no way to tell the phone delete the application through the j2me program . But you can get the app deleted kind of a notification to the server if you configure in your jad with the app delete notify url.

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    Re: App Deleting

    Hi j2me8,

    this is pretty strange. Try explaining a bit better how this happens: is your MIDlet to receive the server response you're talking about? Do you get any alert/popup or any other notification before MIDlet is removed?



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    Yeah make some points clear -
    @ Was the application removed or just closed ..
    @ Before either of the one,what message/alert/exception you are getting...if any
    @ what you exactly you are doing with this application.I mean the main task you are doing...
    @ At what time it is happening ..like either it the time of
    1. Connection making
    2. Response processing
    3 .Others

    Please do provide these details,
    Thanks with Regards,

    R a j - The K e r n e l

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