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    Ethernet in 5th Edition SDK


    I'm porting a UIQ application to S60 5th Edition version 0.9 and have run into some problems with the Ethernet setup. Essentially I have a server running on the emulator and I connect to it with a telnet client. On UIQ I would run uiqenv.pl to configure the CommsDB but the equivalent on S60 (configchange.pl) does not work due to netcards.exe missing a DLL - npacket.dll. The guide I tried to follow is located here in the SDK documentation:
    » Symbian OS v9.4 » Symbian OS Tools And Utilities » Emulator » Emulator guide » Connecting via ethernet » Quick ethernet configuration

    Looking around I found this thread that relates to the same topic:

    Thinking it might be applicable on 5th Edition as well, I followed those steps. It didn't work, though I could easily have made some errors in my ced.cfg file.

    So my question is, is there any easier way to setup ethernet? I'm not familiar with Winsock - could it be configured to accept connections from clients outside of the emulator?

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    Re: Ethernet in 5th Edition SDK

    Are you sure you need any configuration? I don't have a server at hand to run on the emulator but the reverse connection, with the HyperTerminal acting as server works like a charm.

    Using Winsock, the emulator is just like any other widows application and can connect to any port on the local or remote host, as long as there is no firewall blocking it.
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    Re: Ethernet in 5th Edition SDK

    You were right, I am able to access my server both remotely and locally with the default Winsock setup. Thanks!

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