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    HELP: Sending syncml setting OTA via SMS

    Hi all

    I am having real problems doing this. I have read the OTA settings doc version 7.0.

    From this i am able to create a WBXML syncml settings message. However how do i send this over SMS.

    1) my first choice would be.. does anyone know a provider who allows me to send the WBXML syncml settings message to them and they send this onto the phone. By adding all the headers (port numbers) etc...

    if not

    Can someone tell me step by step how to send this message myself via a phone connected to my PC from hyperterminal...

    My questions based on the the OTA setting doc v7:

    1)do i actually have to send 3 sms messages...
    2)do they get reassembled at the other end (eg the phone) into one message.

    3) I gather from the info i have read that i need to send an SMS in PDU mode. Do i need to further encode the WBXML how do i encode the headers.

    can any one point me in the direction of some (easy to understand)info for creating the SMS headers Eg( encoding the SMSC number and the recieving phones number in the header) and for adding the port number USER HEADERS etc as described in the OTA setting doc v7.

    basically if i have a phone number, an smsc number and a syncml setting WBXML doc, how do i send this via SMS from a phone connected to my PC via Hyperterminal (if i can do it via hyperterminal then i can program it via Java i presume)

    Hoping for some light and direction

    Many regards Peter

    1) how to i create the header for the SMS

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    RE: HELP: Sending syncml setting OTA via SMS


    1)No, at least I'm not aware any operator offering this service. If you have subscription to operator SMSC you need to post the data at binary form.

    1) It's up to the size of the WBXML document, as you know you can only send 140 7-bit octets (160 characters) in one SMS message, so you most probaply need to concatenate at least two SMS messages.

    2) If the header information is correct terminal will automatically parse the parts to one message.

    Yes you do, conversion table and all required information can be found from OTA spec v7.0. Have a look to the example starting at page 33.

    MMS settings are quite similar to the SyncML settings, there is one document (OTA MMS Settings v1.0 available at http://www.forum.nokia.com/main/1,35452,1_2_5_3,00.html) that describes byte by byte how to form three separate SMS messages and how to send messages over AT-bearer. (Using any terminal software like Hyperterm)

    Teemu / Forum Nokia

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