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    USB client Api for S60

    Dear All,
    I am having little experience in symbian c++. I am deleveloping application which needs to send the data over usb. I gone through the USB client api class and i got little idea to do the same. The problem now is i am not seeing header's and libraries(k32usb.h,eusbcc.lib..)for the usb client with the SDK (S60_3rd_FP2_v_1_1). These files are not available with any of the SDK versions for S60. USB client support is avaiable only with UIQ 2.1 SDk (SDK for sony erision)mobiles. Any one help me how do i implement usb client for s60.

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    Re: USB client Api for S60

    if the required libraries are not included in the public SDK, then they are not public. And if you require non-public APIs, you could try obtaining access to them through API partnering.

    Note that before opening a API partnering request, you should utilize the Technical support (by opening a technical support case), so our internal experts could evaluate your use case, and determine which APIs could be used for it.

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    Re: USB client Api for S60

    Before anything else, you should start with a search in the Knowledge Base.
    -- Lucian

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