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    Exclamation GSM to UMTS switch app


    I would like to know if&how is possible to switch from GSM network to UMTS network from C++ for Symbian.
    Or if you know an application for Symbian that does this operation?
    I use UMTS for surfing web and the rest of the time I keep the phone in GSM mode.
    It is very annoying this switch because it takes around 13 steps to do it and I wanted to find an application that does it quicker or make myself one.
    But I can't figure what classes to use to make the switch from code.

    Any help would do just fine!

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    Re: GSM to UMTS switch app

    AFAIK the functionality is implemented with non-public API, so you should open a API partnering request for trying to obtain access to it. Note that you need valid business as well as use case before you can open a API partnering request.

    I checked that with some new devices, the state can be changed without rebooting, but if I remember right some older devices did require rebooting after changing the state..

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    Re: GSM to UMTS switch app

    is there any news? it's a real pity the api is not public... switching between gsm and umts is really annoying...

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