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    Re: How to add new screen resolutions to the emulator?

    If you download the SDK it surely has such document. And if you head towards the Docs section above, you will find S60 5th docs under Symbian C++ (or S60).

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    Question Re: How to add new screen resolutions to the emulator?

    I have same problem to customize the screen size to a arbitrary setting e.g. 800*480. It seems that s60 can't extend the UI layout without genertating corresponding resolution. I have found a document (S60 3.x Avkon layout maintenance document) on the network and one chapter describs a tool named Layout creation tool can help to generate new resolution. Is there anyone know the detail steps to generate new resolution by this tool and what's next shall we do to process the layout data? Is there any other document discuss about this topic? Thanks for any information!!

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    Re: How to add new screen resolutions to the emulator?

    I don't think there is such a public document or tool. Furthermore, the SDKs released by Forum Nokia are covering the official screen resoultions supported by the platform so is don't see why a 3rd party developer would touch the emulator configuration. if you need more information please send me an email with details about the document you're referencing.
    -- Lucian

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