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    residen memori application

    i want to create a memory resident application.
    I need an application which runs forever (like a windows service or like application which loads at windows starts) and responses an specific action when the user clicks a specific device button
    theres a way to do it with java.
    that i want to create its a security hazard, when the user clicks a celular key it activates the app. and it response to a server.
    Hope understand

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    Re: residen memori application

    Not possible with Java ME (you can put the MIDlet in the background on S60, but it cannot wake up by button presses).

    On S60 phones you could use Symbian C++ and likely also Python for this.


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    Re: residen memori application

    ok, how can i set the midlet in background even it can't response to any key(how do i wake up the bakcrounded app. then)?.
    What another approach can i use to achive that behaviour?

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    Following code can be used to send MIDlet to background:

    Display display = Display.getDisplay(myMIDletClass);

    The setCurrent(null) doesn't set the displayable to null but is used in Java ME implementations that support concurrent applications like S60 to send the foreground application to background (on Series 40 phones this approach does not work). The application that is shown is the last application that was shown before the MIDlet got activated.

    for the second point -
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