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    jquery .html() method not always working on device

    I'm using the jquery .html() method and although it works if I use it on dom ready, when I try to use it within a click event, it crashes the app.

    I'm delegating events to a div#nav, and on click, some JS executes and I need to update the html of div#header h1. For some reason, the .html() part crashes. I've tried commenting out all the other code that's executing on click, but it still crashes the app. It also happens if I try .text() instead of .html()

    Any help would be appreciated.


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    Re: jquery .html() method not always working on device

    Hi alexheyd,

    can you post some relevant code, so It'll be possible to test it? Basic tests, like using html() to update a simple div with a hyperlink, seem to correctly work, so your problem could have something to do with the structure of the updated node, or also with the new node content (just guessing here...)

    Also, a question: are you testing on emulator or device, and which?


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    Re: jquery .html() method not always working on device

    	$.Widget = function(options){	
    		var self = this;
    		this.defaults = {
    			hideNav: false, currentClass: 'current', sectionClass: 'section'
    		this.settings = $.extend({}, this.defaults, options);
    		this.init = function(){
    			this.settings.container.find('.' + this.settings.sectionClass + ':first').css('left', 0).show();
    			this.events.content['a.landing'] = this.events.nav['a'];
    			var catCount = 0;
    			this.settings.container.find('.' + this.settings.sectionClass).each(function(){
    				$(this).data('index', catCount);
    		this.events = {
    			nav: {
    				'a': function(e){
    					var $target = ($(e.target).is('a')) ? $(e.target) : $(e.target).parents('a');
    					var id = $target.attr('rel');
    					//if (!$('#' + id).is('.current')) self.show.page($('#' + id));
    		this.attach = {
    			events: function(){
    				self.settings.nav.delegate('click', self.events.nav);
    				self.settings.content.delegate('click', self.events.content);
    		this.update = {
    			header: function(id){
    				id = id.split(' ')[0];
    				var sectionName = self.get.sectionName(id);
    				var newCount = self.get.newCount(id);
    					.attr('class', '')
    				$('#header h1').html(self.settings.title + ' | <span class="sectionName">' + sectionName + '</span> ' + '(' + newCount + ')');
    		this.get = {
    			sectionName: function(id){
    					case 'nokiaWorld':	return 'Nokia World';		break;
    					case 'forDevice':	return 'For Your Device'; 	break;
    					case 'shareOvi':	return 'Share on ovi'; 		break;
    			newCount: function(id){
    				return $('#' + id).find('a.new').size();
    			pipesId: function(id){
    					case 'nokiaWorld':	return '856b9414b753b5d8b9f5bb056f98bb49';		break;
    					case 'forDevice':	return '7631c5fbceb2fab25d4fa03a5045e7a4'; 		break;
    					case 'shareOvi':	return '02929cf5d8ca35fd756f9f53125a9b69'; 		break;
    And calling this code is:

    	$('#home a span').add('.settings').add('#nav').add('#content .section').add('#landingbar').hide();
    	var newsWidget = new $.Widget({
    		container: $('#container'), nav: $('#nav'), content: $('#content'), title: 'Nokia News'

    The troublesome code is in the $.Widget class, this.events.nav. The node being updated is <div id="header"><h1>Text</h1>[... some more html...]</div>

    Edit: However, this works if I do $('#header h1').get(0).innerHTML = '<p>TEST</p>' instead
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