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    Prerunner before u post

    Dear All,
    There have been lots of redundant posts in this community. Hence, to bring in order it will be nice if you look into this thread one before posting

    > For general HOw-To in Flash Lite is better to read the Help provided in Flash (whatever version you are using ) in the relevant context. the Flash help provides example code and excellent illustration of each function.

    > Support for Plug-ins and external features like GPS or bluetooth
    If you wish to use the Accelerometer, or store persistent data on the mobile from ur FL application, native support is not available. You will have to use a Third Party tool called Kuneri Lite. It makes life so easy for FL developers

    > How do I convert my .swf file to .sis ?
    The answer once again in Kuneri Lite

    > How can i couple the power of Java and Flash Lite ?
    There is a wonderful project called Jarpa.Usage of jarpa has lots of limitations however. There are lots of dependencies on the device.

    > Problems on a feature not working on a set and its likes
    Adobe has launched an excellent emulator in versions after CS3 called Device Central. It allows coders to calibrate the performance of their appln in a real time environment. Support rendered by each device and its capabilities are available in the TAB menu in Device Central. Kindly, don't report UNAVAILABLE SUPPORT for a device which does not support it. For eg, XML socket is not supported by many devices, when the application is ported into them, you are prone to misery.

    I thank you for keeping this forum alive and helping me gain knowledge and I hope to share the same with you.

    # PL correct if i went wrong in above answers

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    Re: Prerunner before u post

    You should probably study the topic a bit more before making such a strong statements of facts.

    For location and plenty of other functionality, you could use also Platform Service APIs, so no need to use complex things like Kuneri Lite.

    Also making "sis" files with Flash content has few other methods that might be easier (depending on the point of view), for which Wiki is good source.

    All and all, there will be loads of people who never search before posting queries, so most often it is not good idea to summarize in DiBo threads, Wiki might be better suited, and you could then add link to the Wiki post into your signature, so people would find it easier..

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