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    unwanted image/text wrap on 7210

    hi, i want to use a small icon in front of a text link to create a graphical menue. whenever the line starts with an image, the 7210 inserts a break and the text link starts on the next line: wanted: * text outcome: * text this is in wml 1.x, behaviour is the same on fw 4.03 and 4.18. other handset models do not show this behaviour. any idea how to avoid this?   inbetween icon and text and mode=nowrap does not help, unfortunately. regards, adrian

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    RE: unwanted image/text wrap on 7210


    The WAP browser in Nokia 7210 does not support having text and images on the same line. However, you can use tables to structure the content of your WAP page so that you insert an image to one cell and some text to the cell next to it.

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