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Thread: J2me Querries

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    J2me Querries

    1.I’ve 1 MB png file in server but mobile supports 512 KB only So, how can
    You download/access the image?
    2.The mobile device has only 512 KB heap memory. An application needs 1 MB heap memory. How to make this application run without any problem?
    3.If there are 3 applications each of 512 KB heap memory then, how memory management is done?

    these are some questions that i found on the internet.

    according me answer of these questions are
    1.we can compress image with help of compression algorithms like
    Bresenham algorithm.
    2.in the j2me applications classes are loaded on run time so if there is only 512 mb heap memory is available, we can manage heap memory by dividing some functionality in different class and we can stop loading of that class.

    if these questions are not correct or incomplete, help me to find the answers.
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    vivart pandey

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    Re: J2me Querries

    1. Make the image smaller. A lot smaller. Not only can you not load the 1Mb PNG, but when you try to use createImage() to make an image from it, you will need at least:

    width x height x bytes_per_pixel

    bytes of memory in addition to the space used for the PNG data itself. "bytes_per_pixel" will be at least 2.

    2. Errrrrr... I'm not sure what kind of answer you expect, other than "use less memory".

    3. On most devices with a fixed heap size, you only use one java application at a time, so how many applications you have installed is irrelevant.

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    Hi vivart pandey,
    I would ask you that what is the requirement for the 1 MB image..
    Please mark that that size of image can not be entertained with the devices having the jar and heap size as fix..

    In case if you will able to load the same..then playing with it would be more difficult....
    I guess that you can have this image in other format.Rather you can take the image inside the file and can read the same...as much as you need.This is just a workaround ..first think then try to follow this approach..

    I have seen this approach in the games/applications having larger sizes of images..

    Thanks with Regards,

    R a j - The K e r n e l

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