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    Wallpaper-Download: COD-Name-field not default storage name with 7210

    I am using COD files to download ringtones, wallpapers and color operator logos to the latest Nokia phones. Usually the "NAME" field of the COD is used as the default storage name as described in "OTA Download for generic content, Specification" section "4.3.9 COD-Name".

    This default name is sued as expected for ringtones and for wallpapers with the 3510i. However with a Nokia 7210 I always get an empty input filed when downloading a file. I think this is very inconvenient to the user. Is this a known "Bug" in the 7210? Is there any way to avoid this with the 7210?

    Best regards,
    Jens Begemann, Germany

    P.S.: My software version is V 3.09.
    The COD file looks like this:

    COD-Name: Foo
    COD-URL: http://wap.my-downloads.net/foo2.jpg
    COD-Vendor: Jens Begemann
    COD-Size: 8500
    COD-Type: image/vnd.nok-wallpaper

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    RE: Wallpaper-Download: COD-Name-field not default storage name with 7210


    This shouldn't be a problem with the newer software.

    Best regards,
    V / Forum Nokia

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