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    What is on bluetooth channel 1?

    What is on channel 1 on the bluetooth? Can it be disabled in any way?
    The reason I ask is that I've created a small application to talk to my SonyEricsson bluetooth watch MBW-100 and it binds to the first channel that is a serial port.

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    Re: What is on bluetooth channel 1?

    Are you sure about that your watch is going to discover your phone and not vice versa?

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    Re: What is on bluetooth channel 1?

    Yes it's the clock that discovers the phone.
    It acutally worked a few times when my application got channel 1. I haven't been able to reproduce this after that.
    When I use my computer to connect to channel 1 the connection dies after three ENTER. I get no other response at all from the phone. I've tried different AT-commands and nothing happends except for the disconnection after three enters.
    I've tried to turn off every application that I have running on the phone but not tried with a factory default or a brand new phone.

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