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    Flashlite 3.0 XML parsing not work

    I am develop flashlite 3.0 appicaltion and use XML parsing, its work on emulator, but XML parsing not work on N96. Also save the cross_domain.xml file in server, but XML parsing not work.I am try to connect wifi, sometime show internet server not found. I also put swf in trusted folder. please anyone provide a flashlite 3.0 sample or link.
    And in N95 8GB not work.

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    Re: Flashlite 3.0 XML parsing not work

    The file is called crossdomain.xml and not cross_domain.xml.

    I made that example http://diogocosta.net/metrolite/wp-c...load.php?id=33 and work in my mobile phone, it's for 2.1 flash player
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