I have this code that works (that is, I receive a response from the server and I can handle it with my notifyResponse() method):

SipClientConnection scc = (SipClientConnection) Connector.open(otherUser.getURI());
scc.initRequest("SUBSCRIBE", scn);
scc.setHeader("Event", "presence");
scc.setHeader("Expires", 3600);
scc.setHeader("Accept-Contact", acceptContactValue);

However, when I add the following line before sending the SUBSCRIBE, the notifyResponse() method stops receiving the messages from the server (although they get to the phone):

scc.setHeader("Accept", "application/pidf+xml");

However, NOTIFY requests associated with the subscription do get to the processRequest().

Does maybe the Nokia SIP stack expect responses to have also the "Accept" header?

Any feedback or previous experience is welcome