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    Graphics performance on 5800 (BitBlt)

    I have built and tested my application on the 5800. It seems to struggle rendering the UI to such an extent that it also impacts network performance. I assume that this is a direct result of the increase in resolution.

    I draw to an off-screen buffer (CFbsBitmap) and paint this to the screen using CWindowGc::BitBlt(). I have now made a change to only blt the areas of the screen that have changed since the last paint and this has improved the performance to some extent.

    However there are a number of use cases where I cannot avoid repainting the entire screen and the performance here is still very poor. Are there any recommended ways to improve performance?

    I would prefer not to use direct screen access or OpenGl but I will consider them if they're the only way to achieve significant performance increases.

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    Re: Graphics performance on 5800 (BitBlt)

    Are you using the same display mode (for the off-screen bitmap) as the screen itself?

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    Re: Graphics performance on 5800 (BitBlt)

    OpenGL ES won't provide you any significant performance increases (rather the opposite) because there is no hardware graphics acceleration on the 5800.

    According to http://www.forum.nokia.com/devices/5800_XpressMusic the 5800 has a single-CPU, ARM 11 @ 369MHz.

    That's the same as listed for the N81 http://www.forum.nokia.com/devices/N81 but with the 5800 you need to move three times the amount of pixels to handle the bigger resolution.

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    Re: Graphics performance on 5800 (BitBlt)

    >>Are you using the same display mode (for the off-screen bitmap) as the screen itself?


    CGraphicsDevice* pGraphicsDevice = CEikonEnv::Static()->ScreenDevice();
    TSize size = pGraphicsDevice->SizeInPixels();

    CFbsBitmap* pBitmap = new CFbsBitmap;
    pBitmap->Create(size, pGraphicsDevice->DisplayMode());

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    Re: Graphics performance on 5800 (BitBlt)

    I'm running into the exact same problem. I've worked out the the BitBlt takes around 60ms, this means that you can get a maximum of 16fps. Useless for a game, my 3D game was running at 5-6fps. By halving the game internal res and do so scaling up myself I can get it to 10fps.
    I'm trying the CDirectScreenAccess API but it's not making much of a difference. Also due to having to use BitBlt to draw my internal bitmap to the GC that I've got from CDirectScreenAccess. Anyone has an idea of how to get the direct bitmap to the screen so I can skip using BitBlt and just paint straight to the screen bitmap ?

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