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    s60 5th edition MTM problem


    I have compiled my MTM code on s60 5th edition beta SDK.

    And when i intstalled the application on 5800 the application gets installed and i am able to create an account but my account doesn't show up in Messaging application as a mailbox.

    My application is properly working on N95, E71, E66 etc i mean it covers almost all the s60 3rd edition FP1, FP2.

    Please help. Please let me know if any changes are done in 5th edition MTM architecture.


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    Re: s60 5th edition MTM problem

    I have compiled my code using 5th SDK 0.9. Same problem. The mailbox does not show in the message application. I have an email technology type MTM.

    Any help/ideas?


    Rene Heuven
    Inmote - Creative Smartphone Solutions
    Web: www.inmote.com
    E-mail: rene@inmote.com

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