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    Angry Question about CMdaAudioPlayerUtility

    Has anyone used this before?

    iPlayerUtility=CMdaAudioPlayerUtility::NewFilePlayerL(aFileName, *this);

    TInt aNumEntries;

    iPlayerUtility ->GetNumberOfMetaDataEntries(aNumEntries);

    Are these codes right?
    Why dosen't aNumEntries have a normal value?
    It shows -858993460 when debugging,this class can play MP3 music,but why can't it show the TAG, I have inputted the ID3V1 and ID3V2, but when I used the codes above, I got nothing.

    Somebody help me please!!

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    Re: Question about CMdaAudioPlayerUtility

    ya i hav used dem n dey r working fine...
    NewFilePlayerL calls the observer function n file gets played

    also getting no. of entries of meta data..

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