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    How to create .aif file...??

    i want to create .sis file and i am using vc6. for creating .sis file i want to give command from cmd prompt like makesis file.pkg, but one problem arises in .pkg file that in .pkg file the .aif file path is given but my project doesn't have .aif file. so, for that i create .mbm file then from that .mbm i created .aif file and at last im creating .sis file. the .sis file is created but when i run this .sis file on nokia 6600 the program is not showing in menu option and when i check it in manager folder it is showing that the project is installed. please help me out. why it is not showing in menu option ??
    thnxs in advance...

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    Re: How to create .aif file...??

    aif file is s60 2nd application icon file.

    it is build from mmp and aif.rss.

    in mmp

    AIF xxx.aif ..\aif xxxaif.rss c12 context_pane_icon.bmp context_pane_icon_mask.bmp list_icon.bmp list_icon_mask.bmp

    in aif.rss

    #include <aiftool.rh>
    ps. 4 bmp is desktop icon image, it size is 42x42 and 42x29, image and mask image.
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    Re: How to create .aif file...??

    yes, everything is correct in my files whatever u said. then why it is not showing on my fone nokia 6600 ?

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