Hi All,
I am trying to Execute the example given in SDK at "examples\Appframework\Pop3Example". in this Application we have to give our Mail POP3 Server & SMTP Server ID's . Here I am using Gmail server and ports

POP: pop.gmail.com port: 995.
SMTP: smtp.gmail.com port: 465.

but plz see the code:
//getting the children entries
CMsvEntrySelection* entries = NULL;
entries = mailEntry->ChildrenL();
LogBuffer(_L8("in RetrieveMailL entries created"),594);
CleanupStack::PushL( entries );

//getting no. of mails
TInt mailCount= entries->Count();
Here the mailCount I am getting is Zero (mails are there in Actual Mail Box).********************************************
Can Anybody tell me how to find out wheher it is connected to the gmail server or not?

if anybody knows the reason or faced the same situation.

Thank You in advance.