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Thread: gmail for j2me

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    gmail for j2me

    i am using gmail for j2me in my mobile.
    but it's not trusted.i can't understand the reason behind this
    why the google's application gmail is not signed.
    Is there any advantage to leave application unsigned.
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    Re: gmail for j2me

    Perhaps you should ask Google why they've not seen a need to sign their application?

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    Re: gmail for j2me

    My guess: less hassle in supporting the users as the set of trusted 3rd party certificates can differ (meaning that installing the signed MIDlet would not work on all devices) and Java Verified is a non-option as they are probably updating the MIDlet quite often and they would need to run that MIDlet through Java Verified after every round.


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    I see, I found the Hartti answer as the perfect..
    Thanks Hartti,
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