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    PushRegistry Platform dependencies

    Hello all.

    While working on a RFCOMM based PushRegistry, I realized the sad truth that not all platforms support it. I have a Nokia 6682. I guess S60 2ed. From other postings I read, I assume this one does not fully support the feature. I did a basic test using JAD file. The midlet installs fine, but not waking up on incoming BT connection. I also tried calling PushReg.registerConnection(). The call returns success, but again, the midlet is not waking up on incoming connection. So I have the following questions

    1) How do I confirm whether 6682 has/has-not btspp pushreg support

    2) Is it even possible to upgrade the OS on my handset ? (download/install new feature pack?) My handset is from ATT/Cingular, locked.

    3) In case it is the problem on myside, here is the details.
    The jad file has this line:
    MIDlet-Push-1: btspp://:1,MyMidlet.MyMidlet,*

    The other approach has this code in it
    try {
        PushRegistry.registerConnection("btspp://localhost:1", this.getClass().getName(), "*");
        msg = "registerConnection OK";
    }catch (Exception e) {
        msg = "registerConnection failed";

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    Re: PushRegistry Platform dependencies

    Read This

    If you got solution then please let us know.

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    Re: PushRegistry Platform dependencies

    2) It is not possible to upgrade the firmware from one platform edition (and feature pack) to another.

    What comes to the other issues... As the phone is locked to AT&T (Cingular), it could be possible that the Java security policy (specific to AT&T) does not allow bluetooth connections for unsigned MIDlets. The policy has changed a little in the past and I am not sure which policy version is on that phone, so you need to check this by installing an unsigned MIDlet and then checking the APi access permissions from the application manager... Is there anything available for BT?


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    Re: PushRegistry Platform dependencies

    Thanks for the input guys.

    My midlet is signed. Without signing it wouldn't get installed.

    I tested alarm based pushregistry and it works. My midlet can make outbound BT connections too.

    PushRegistry.registerConnection("btspp://localhost:1", this.getClass().getName(), "*");

    Returns successfully.

    If there was no platform support, It would have failed ???

    Now I use a windows application using windows BT sockets to connect to the address/port directly. When I run the application, the handset prompts whether to accept the incoming connection. Still the application won't wake up.!!

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