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    7110, ColdFusion and <cfcontent>

    I'm having a problem with the 7110. I'm using a ColdFusion back end to serve up WML.

    As far as I'm aware I have the server mime types set up correctly in Apache.

    I have 2 pages one at http://www.phink.net/date.cfm and the other http://www.phink.net/dateno.cfm

    Both are ColdFusion files. Therefor in theory, when a WAP browser asks for the page, ColdFusion processes the page, hands it to Apache to server, which then serves it as a HTML file. Which quite rightly all the emulators, YoSpace.com, my WinCE WapBrowser, and WinWap choke at, and refuse to pass.

    However, the actual physical 7110 phone I have in my hand, has no problem what-so-ever. It just seems to assume it's a WML file.

    Now if at the top of the page I place which tell ColdFusion to return the page, not as a HTML file, but as a WML file... all the emulators, YoSpace etc display the file correctly, as I would expect. But the physical phone itself, doesn't.

    The file date.cfm, has the at the top. The file dateno.cfm doesn't.

    Anybody else had this type of problem and knows of a work around. I know deep down that I should use the to make sure the correct mime type is used. But I don't want to cut out the 7110.

    Posted by Daniel Kemp, dan@liveinfo.net
    on July 17, 2000 at 18:14

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    RE: 7110, ColdFusion and <cfcontent>

    Posted by Thomas Wuepping, wuepping@wmo.de
    on July 21, 2000 at 10:14

    Hi. what about if you try to write &quot;cfcontent&quot; in the same line as the xml declaration like &lt;cfconetnt&gt;&lt;?xml...&gt;

    Have tried this ?
    I had nearly the same Problem, but this seems to work.


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