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    Lightbulb UID, Signing and CTelephony

    I'm having a real problem trying to get the CellId. And I'm not sure where the problem is, but I keep getting a zero. I certainly can get the IMEI via CTelephony, so I know that I'm accessing CTelephony ok. Now I'm thinking it's got to do with the UID I'm using and getting it signed. I can only use open signed online, but everything I tried has the same old problem. And I know it's not my phone, which is an E65 incidentally, as I installed another app which reports back the CellId just fine. Does anyone have any thoughts?

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    Re: UID, Signing and CTelephony

    Verify your code and your error handling.

    The only security/certification implication is that you need to add the Location capability to your project and then sign it accordingly.

    But should you have a security/certification type of problem you should see installation or run time errors. Evaluate the error, understand what's causing it and then fix it if possible.

    BTW, are you supposed to retrieve the Cell ID while having a phone call or a data connection in progress? There is a known issue about that, just search the knowledge base.
    -- Lucian

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